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Ar Lan y Dwr - Sheet Music Samples File


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Music Book Contents
Tros y Garreg (Over the Stone) 2'29"
Llwyn-Onn (The Ash Grove) 2'41"
Pe Cawn i Hon (I Know a Maiden) 1'34"
Ar hyd y Nos (All Through the Night) 1'51"
Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn (Watching the Wheat) 3'19"
Dafydd y Garreg Wen (David of the White Rock) 2'27"
Serch Hudol (Love's Fascination) 2'06"
Y Deryn Pur (The Dove) 1'56"
Y Ferch o'r 'ScÍr' (The Girl from 'Sker') 2'55"
Merch Megan (Megan's Daughter) 2'22"
Merch y Melinydd (The Miller's Daughter) 3'13"
Y Fwyalchen (The Blackbird) 2'24"
Codiad yr Ehedydd (Rising of the Lark) 2'44"
PÍr Alaw (Sweet Richard) 2'13"
Clychau Aberdyfi (Bells of Aberdovey) 1'55"
Clychau Prestwick (Prestwick Bells) 3'05"
Blodau'r Drain (Blossom of the Thorn) 4'30"
Codiad yr haul (Rising of the Sun) 2'52"

Cover Notes

We originally wrote the flute & harp arrangements presented in this collection of traditional Welsh songs purely so that they could be incorporated into our own performance repertoire.

However the arrangements were so well received by our audiences they ended up becoming the inspiration for our debut album Ar Lan y Dwr. It was a natural progression to eventually publish the scores in this book.

While some of the melodies in the collection were taken from old un-attributed piano scores, others are based on arrangements for piano/harp & voice by the well known Welsh harpist John Thomas (1826-1913) whose important work in this field has helped to ensure the continuing popularity of Welsh music.

Because these are the actual scores which we used for the recording sessions, but with additional fingering/pedal changes for harp and phrase/ breath marks for flute, we would encourage students to use the album in conjunction with this book to help interpretation & learning.

We hope that you will enjoy performing these beautiful traditional Welsh melodies as much as we do.

Eluned Scourfield (April 1999)


ISMN No M 9002025 0 5 (set)
ISMN No M 9002025 1 2 (telyn/harp)
ISMN No M 9002025 2 9 (ffliwt/flute)

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